The Face Behind The Brand

For as long as I can remember, I felt like the fashion world was an unattainable realm for a girl who had no money and very little self confidence. I thought I needed to be loaded to afford pretty things and to feel like a Victoria's Secret Angel all the time in order to fit into this world. 

I’ve never been an overly confident woman, or someone who believed that they were amazing. I used to hate the way I looked so much I wore inordinate amounts of makeup to cover up my ‘imperfections,’ restricted my eating to lose weight, have been obsessed with exercise and making sure I “worked out hard enough,” all in the search for perfection, which I believed would help me find self love and confidence.

Like most women I am self deprecating, have an unhealthy obsession with the ‘perfect’ images that we are flooded with in the media, and am a perfectionist who struggles with negative self talk. I am human.

My vision is to help young women to build their self-confidence, their self-love, and their faith in their abilities to be the best versions of themselves everyday.  Why? Because I had to learn the hard way, and I want to share my journey with you.  

I never found my self confidence by hating myself. In fact all I found was years of struggling with how much I didn’t like myself, and feeling like I was “not good enough.” That was until I found what worked for me. 


To some that may sound petty or conceited, but it worked for me. Whenever I wore an outfit that I loved, it made me feel like I was a #Girlboss. I was more confident, I felt beautiful and there was a little Rhi Rhi in my step. It took me awhile to really pinpoint my style, especially studying and working full time, which made funds very limited, but I found a way to help boost my confidence that resonated with me. It’s changed my outlook on who I am and the way I feel about myself, so of course, I want to share these tips and tricks with all of you!! 

Edits By Elle is your own personal guide to finding your own style on a budget that will help you to find your self-confidence and help you to unleash that inner Beyonce that you have inside of you! I won’t bull shit you, I swear A LOT (Sorry Mum), and we will have a whole lot of fun on the way to finding your self-love. 


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