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Natural Vs Chemical – The Nail Polish Edition

Natural Vs Chemical – The Nail Polish Edition

Total disclaimer here, I was skeptical AF about this one. Nail polish scoffs at my attempts to keep it on my nails, and generally leaves me super disappointed. My nails flake more than the Fuckboy you met on tinder, so it’s forever chipping and fading away just from looking at them. 

“HAHAHAHAHA nice try lady! This is comin’ off faster than you taking your pants off after work on a Friday.”

I’m so classy.  

So in my search for natural products and get rid of the chemical crap in my bathroom cabinet, I was pretty much laughing straight out the gate at a natural option that compared itself to Shellac… You right?

This is where my slice of humble pie came into play. Scout Cosmetics sent me some of the new 5 Free Breathable Nail Polish, that is designed to let oxygen and moisture molecules to freely pass through the nail polish. And It is fabulous!! It actually lasted most of the week on my hands, and easily got 10 days’ wear (if not more) on my toes. I exercise a lot so my toes always get messed up (I can’t have nice things), but this was surprisingly resilient.



The formula is Vegan and free from formaldehyde, DBP, toluene (<---what the shit is that??), formaldehyde resin, camphor and parabens and is not tested on animals. This allows your nails to breath, making it so much healthier for you!

Another option I recently discovered, was the By Zero range, which boasts being able to peel right off, and only containing 3 ingredients; natural resin, organic colourants and purified water. It literally just peels away in one easy motion. It comes off CRAZY easily when you are done with it. The only down side, is that it can flake a bit because it is essentially designed to come off easily. This is a great option if you are wanting a quick and easy look that for the night that you can chop and change easily.

BY zero.jpg

Both brands come with various shades and colours, I’m just a stickler for my neutral ones. Check out the full ranges on their websites below:

Scout Cosmetics

RRP: $19.95

Website: www.scoutcosmetics.com

By Zero

RRP: $10.00 - $12.00

Website: www.by-zero.com.au

So all in all, the natural version is just as good as the chemical, and in the case of Scout's 5 free range, possibly better! 

I'd love to hear from you if there is another product you would like me to try and find a natural alternative for! Let me know and I will put my best Sherlock Holmes hat on and suss it out. 

L xx

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