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Accessories: To Spend or To Save? That is the Question.

Accessories: To Spend or To Save? That is the Question.

People often aren't sure where they should be spending their hard earned dollar dollar bills, and where they should be scoffing at prices. "Bitch please, ain't nobody paying $100 for that." 

I'm a HUGE watch fan, so I tend to invest my money in my collection of quality time pieces. Why? Because you will no doubt have this for years, if not decades if you look after them properly, and can actually become family heirlooms. 

hahahahahaha na get out of here future daughter, keep your mitts off. 

I have totally fallen in love with my new Abbott Lyon White Dove timepiece  that has the most stunning white minimal face, white leather strap and rose gold frame. It's timeless, it's minimal and easily worn with anything, and it's something that will last for years! 

Abbott Lyon are all about Minimal Luxe style (PREACH!!), so have extended their range to include sunglasses and bags, making it your one stop shop for quality accessories that you know will last. I have the Matte black Islander sunglasses, and the Black Brixton Bucket bag, and I am so in love with them both! Having quality accessories that are interchangeable means that you can wear them with just about anything to make your outfit look that little bit more expensive. 

Even better though, Abbott Lyon have given me a discount code that you can use to get 10% off your next order!! What up??!!! 

Enter EDITSBYELLE10 at the checkout. 

There are certain jewellery items that you shouldn't skint on either, like stainless steel earrings so don't go all septic, and silver plain jewellery that is again wearable with anything. I have a plain silver bangle that I never take off, like ever. Mainly because it was given to me for my 16th birthday by my two besties, and it goes with everything! 

Fashion jewellery is a great place to save your money from places like Adorne that allow you to spend little and have maximum fun while it's still trendy! Like these earrings from Adorne that cost me $24.99 that even the maintenance man at work complimented me on.. Thanks Ronny! Love you too. 

Ladies, we are poor, but we are still fabulous. And with these tips and tricks, you will be the best most fierce version of you in no time! 

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Let me know in the comments what your struggle with when you go shopping and bargain hunting? I'd love to hear from you.. don't be shy! 

L xx


**Post proudly sponsored by Abbott Lyon**


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