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Inspire Cycle Review, 'Honey Badger' Style.

Inspire Cycle Review, 'Honey Badger' Style.

“Come on guys, let’s do a spin class on Tuesday night after work?”

Now you would have had one of two emotional responses to this sentence:

1.       Hells Yeah! Let’s do this, so keen. - This is me, just FYI. 

2.       "Get f*cked."  (A GF-er for short)

To explain the amazingness that is Inspire Cycle and really emphasise how much I think you should try this, I think I will infuse a little of the good old Honey Badger himself (Nick Cummins – Wallabies Winger) into this piece.

I am laughing at myself already. Hold tight.

For you GF-ers, Inspire Cycle might just make you change your mind. I told my fully-fledged president of the GF club flatmate she was coming with me to a class, and she was “just like that kid that fell outta the tree ya know, she just wasn’t in it.”

After one class, she is a total convert to the craze, trying to find ways that her health insurance can cover some of her membership fees. With their on point beats and themed nights, the trainers infectious energy, and the way they incorporate mindfulness with the classes,  Inspire Cycle is the latest fitness craze to hit the Brisbane scene and people are getting on it “like seagulls at a tip.”

I went along tonight to an intimate class and I once again left not only “sweatin’ like a gypsy with a mortgage,” but also feeling amazing! Unstoppable, mind clear, heart rate up and an indescribable combination of endorphins and inspiration. From one 45-minute spin class!!!  

Jake who you may recognise from MKR is one of the instructors, and he is so bloody fabulous it’s hard not to smile while you’re pedaling as fast as a “a rat up a drain pipe.”

Jessie Kate took us tonight, and she is another one of the trainers to look out for with her bubbly persona that is hard not to go “bloody head over biscuit” for.

Although memberships are surely not described as cheap, it’s so much fun to get involved in, so make sure you take up Inspire Cycles offer of $49 for 14 days of unlimited rides. This would even be great as a one off Saturday morning workout with the girls or a group bonding sesh to really get the blood pumping and leaving you feel inspired and just generally amazing!

Make sure you check out Inspire Cycle at 76 Commercial Rd in Teneriffe, and coming soon to South Port in the Gold Coast. You won’t regret it.

I don’t even know how to add this one in, but it’s too got not to. So I’ll just leave this here:

“My old man woke me up in the morning. He was going off like a bag of cats.”

I just can’t. So good. 

L xx

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