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Facilities Fitness; The 6 Week Summer Fit Challenge

Facilities Fitness; The 6 Week Summer Fit Challenge

Exercise is my addiction. It grounds me, it makes me feel amazing, and is the best stress release out. Whenever I have felt crap, all I wanted to do was run. So when I got the chance to train with  Facilities Fitness and take part in the 6 week Summer Fit Challenge, I jumped at the chance to get my arse whooped a couple of times a week.

What I didn't realise, is that I was about to join a new family with some of the best people I have ever met. 

Usually when you think of gyms, you think of steroided up gym buffs who talk protein, take mirror selfies of themselves flexing, and who might as well urinate on the gym machines to mark their territory because they are so possessive. 

So you know, this is kind of terrifying..

Credit:  Martyn Ford ... who I am sure is a lovely person.

Credit: Martyn Ford... who I am sure is a lovely person.

Facilities is not like this at all. It's functional based fitness based around classes with two trainers to ensure form and motivation. They are all about community, family and overall well-being. And I have totally fallen in love with the fitness, the trainers who I can now call friends, and the team that has been built around this small futuristic looking space in Fortitude Valley.

I have made friends and met so many new people just from being in such a positive environment filled with genuine people. This has legit become my second home over the past couple of weeks and I am so happy to be there everyday because of this; I have never felt better mentally or physically. Also discovered I really love boxing! Smashing the crap out of something has probably played a part in me feeling less stressed. 

I finished my first week of the 6 week challenge with Facilities Fitness with a massive HIIT session and Nutrition seminar held by the fabulous Marika of Fit Food and Soul, who although looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, is frickin' brutal when she is training you.
**Excuse me while I vom a little from all the burpees there love**

It's been a HEAVY week of workouts with so many burpees and planking, and all of the sweat. But feeling great and can't wait to smash out the next few weeks and see my progress. I have already lost 2 cm off the top of my hips and more importantly, have noticed my fitness increase 10 fold! I'm getting biceps.. ME! Biceps!! This is phenomenal. 

Facilities offers a free week trial so you can go down and try out the different classes and see if it's for you! Nick the head trainer is such a gem and is so genuine in his passion for helping people, he will happily sort you out. His awkwardly hilarious sense of humour will have you roped in to this family and looking forward to coming back each day.

Download the Facilities app and claim your free 7 day trial to get started. 

L xx

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