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The Guys Last Minute Guide To Buying For Her

The Guys Last Minute Guide To Buying For Her

Christmas can be a logistical nightmare. So much money to be spent, so little time to shop, so many people to buy shit for, so many god damn people being frustrating at the local mall. Well lads, I have made this one easy for you! 

Here are some easy Christmas gift ideas for Mum/Mother in Law/ Secret Santa / Any woman you have to buy for, that will make your life a breeze this silly season.. and a few days out at that!

Beauty products may seem intimidating, but they are really not that hard to get your head around. They are also something that will always be used. 

The Wellness Warrior

She loves green smoothies, yoga, granola, she always talks about super foods and she is a stickler for natural products. So for this sort, getting her a few bits and pieces that align with her lifestyle will show an understanding of who she is as a person. Naww, hit her in the feels.  

The Antipodes range is a personal favourite of mine, not only because it's from the home land of Aotearoa, but because it's all natural and works so well! You can get this range from your local Priceline pharmacy, David Jones, or Myer here in Australia, or from Farmers in New Zealand. 

My top picks are:

Grapeseed Butter Cleanser

Resurrect: Clarifying Facial Toner

Joyous: Protein Rich Night Replenish Serum

Rejoice:  Light Facial day Cream

The "Luxe or die" lady. 

She is a fancy sort. She likes her quality labels and her high end products. So that's where getting her some salon quality skin care can do just the trick. And no, don't you bloody dare buy wrinkle cream. You're asking for it to be chopped off. 

Skinstitut is a brand I have tried and tested and LOVE! It's amazing quality, her beauty therapist probably already uses it on her, and she will know that you didn't go shopping at K-mart for these. You can also get this from almost any quality beauty salon. 

My Top Picks:

The Gentle Cleaner

The Enzymatic Micro Peel

The Multi- Active Mist


The " I don't know what the hell she likes" woman in your life.

Bitches love candles. And I use the term Bitch fondly and because I am a female. Do not try this one at home. So save the pennies and shop small business with a Ivy and Wood Candle that are easily the same quality as the more expensive brands like Ecoya or Glasshouse Candles, and you don't have to spend $60.00. neither of us understand that amount of money for a candle. 

Ivy and Wood will be set up at the Riverside gardens Christmas Market this Thursday from 4.00pm-10.00pm so you can pick up your goodies just in time for Christmas morning. 

The "I don't want to turn up empty handed to her place" scenario. 

Wine and/or Chocolate. Always a winner. Done.

When all else fails: Vouchers.

They may seem like a crappy gift, but they allow people to actually get something they want. If it's someone who you don't know that well, a secret Santa, or for someone who is just hard to buy for, getting a voucher can be a life saver. 

And next year, maybe let's be a bit more prepared hey? But for now, you are welcome. 

L xx

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Let's Unleash Your Inner Beyonce in 2017; Lifestyle Consultation Sign Up

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