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How to: Yoga At Home; Youtube Yogi's Unite!

How to: Yoga At Home; Youtube Yogi's Unite!

USA PRO invited me to share some insights into how you can incorporate yoga into your daily routine, minus the expenses, because after all, we are everyday girls on a budget! 

Trying your hand at a Downward Dog or Warrior Two can be quite intimidating for the everyday girl, thanks to some stereotypes it has picked up. “Yoga isn’t for me, I’m not a vegan/ Hippy/ flexible enough/ the yoga type.” It’s time to ditch the excuses, and roll out that mat because yoga comes to you minus the expensive memberships, or models with the flexibility of a pretzel eyeing you up. And you certainly don’t need to worry about not being able to find a studio near you. In this day and age, everything is available online, and yoga is no exception.


I’m a self-taught yogi through YouTube videos, because I can’t afford the high price gym memberships or classes. Enter Tara Stiles, CEO and founder of Strala Yoga in New York City, who has been guiding me through Yoga for the last 3 years with her softly spoken American Accent via YouTube. Travelling the world with her yoga programs as her popularity boomed, the model turned yogi is even endorsed by Deepak Chopra himself.

YouTube allows you to have a one on one class with your instructor on the go, at your own pace, and even better for my bargain hunting soul sisters, it’s FREE!! Tara and I are pretty much on a first name basis these days.

There are hundreds of videos online of yoga tutorials for anything at anytime. Yoga for tight hips, Yoga for flexibility, Yoga for Holiday meal digestion, Yoga for when you shop up a storm on USAPRO Activewear and send yourself broke so you need to eat eggs on toast for a week… Wait, what?


Just remember that it isn’t about how beautiful the pose looks, or how far you can bend you leg behind your head. It’s about making the poses accessible to your level of fitness and progressing each time. Practice makes perfect after all.

Yoga has not only become my go to for stretching, but also calming my mind and helping me to relax when anxiety and real world stresses get me down. That’s right, I’m a real girl like you, who has real world problems, and sometimes you just need to Savasana them out. Am I sounding hippy-ish now?

Meh, Nameste 

Photography: Neil Woodwards

Wearing: USA PRO

L xx

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