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Where to Get Brisbane's Best Avo on Toast

Where to Get Brisbane's Best Avo on Toast

Avocado on toast is a menu staple that is always right when you are looking for a savoury pick me up. But that also means that every corner store with a coffee machine is doing it, and sometimes you can be left feeling somewhat disappointed.

"Oh, I paid $100 for hard avocado on rock.. delightful! 

So I have done you a favour and scouted out some of Brisbane's best, so you know where to head this weekend to get your Avo fix! Someone has to eat all the food right? 

Miss Bliss in West End

Avocado, Cashew Pesto & Pomegranate w/ Danny's Sourdough and Kale Chips (GFO/VG) $15.00 + Soft and Gooey eggs $4.50 

The combination of the pesto, avocado and the sweet pomegranate gems make for easy eating. It hits all the right notes, and the not badly priced for a 2 slices of toast lathered in green goodness. Super tasty, filling and great everytime. 

Paw Paw Cafe in East Brisbane

Avocado, Semi-dried Tomato, Feta, Lime and Sea Salt on Seeded Sourdough. (V/GFO/VGO) $11.90 + eggs $4.50

Add feta to anything and you can't go wrong, and the addition of lime really resonates with the Brisbane hot spot's asian influence. Only one slice of bread with this one, but still fairly generous with the avo! Thumbs up from me. 

 Wilde Kitchen in Tenerife 

Avocado on Paleo Toast with Almond Butter, Lime and fresh herbs. (DFO/V/P) $15.50 + Eggs $4.50

Now this joint has the Tenerife tax on their prices, as you do only get one small slice of Paleo toast, and adding an almond milk latte ending up costing $25.00 for a solo breakfast. But I must admit I am a sucker for nut butter. So adding that with my other favourite avo on toast, was very intriguing to me and added that extra element to the dish I haven't tasted elsewhere. 

 Nourish Cafe - Gasworks

Smashed Avo with Dukka, Smoked Paprika and Fresh lemon on Dark rye sourdough (DF/VG) 1 slice for $7 or 2 slices for $12. 

Said to help with alertness, energy, boosting your memory, these puppies pack a punch to your taste buds with the smoked paprika and zesty lemon. Another combo I hadn't really thought of before, but works oh so well for that super savoury fix. 

Where are your favourite hot spots for breakfast in Brisbane? Or tell me about your favourite combinations with Avocado! 

Until the next time I eat my way around Brisbane.. 

L xx

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