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Get Kendall Jenner Skin for under $1!

Get Kendall Jenner Skin for under $1!

Kendall Jenner has spoken before about face masking everyday when she gets home from being fabulous and rich to help keep her skin on point. So I figured I wanted to give this a go, and try to find an at home face mask that us little people can do everyday, and cost less than $1.00.

Challenge Accepted. 

I have super sensitive skin that welts up something ridiculous if I even get scratched. So when I had my brows waxed recently, I had a reaction to the wax that caused the skin around my brows to breakout. Apparently my skin holds a lot of heat which can be a mild form of Rosacea so it boiled over after the treatment causing the break out.

 My skincare guru friend Laura put me on to oatmeal masks. Oatmeal contains 18 different amino acids, which are the building blocks for your body, helping to build and repair tissue. It’s also hypoallergenic so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. And it's literally cheaper than chips. 

But yes, you will look like you have smeared baby vomit all over your face.

So here is my at home, under $1.00 per serve Oatmeal face mask recipe:

1.     ¼ cup of oats blended with a pestle and mortar or blender

2.     A little water to make it into a paste

3.     1 tsp of Macadamia or Coconut Oil

·      Combine together until its forms a thick paste that can be applied to your face.

·      Make sure you keep the paste damp on your skin when it’s applied, as it will dry out quickly.

·      Remove with warm water and a face cloth, and moisturise.

Oats don’t have the ability to moisturise your skin but they do have a beneficial component to helping your skin retain moisture. That’s why I recommend adding some nut based oil (or olive) to help add the extra nourish component to this facemask. You will also find that as you remove the facemask, it will act as a gentle exfoliant. To help your skin look dewy and have a healthy glow.

Kendall eat your heart out! Give the oatmeal face mask a try and let me your thoughts in the comments.


L xx

Looking Luxe on a Budget, Yes it is Possible!

Looking Luxe on a Budget, Yes it is Possible!

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