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Looking Luxe on a Budget, Yes it is Possible!

Looking Luxe on a Budget, Yes it is Possible!

I bet you are thinking, "How is it possible to look expensive when adulting for me is having a free coffee on my coffee card?" 

Oh my god Lisa, you read my mind! I know right. 

Bargain hunting is like a muscle that needs to be built up and flexed in your gym selfies. And I want to show you how you can look like you have never scrounged around to get the coins out of your couch in order to buy previously mentioned coffees. 

Photography: Neil Woodwards

This outfit would cost you less $120. But when you see it, there is no way that you are thinking "yeah that chick is broke as shit." Why? Because it's all about selecting pieces that look timeless and more expensive than they are! 

Enter, the $40 (on sale) over sized Miss Guided blazer, the $20 wrap dress nabbed brand new at second hand sale, the Divas Wardrobe, and my $50 Rubi Boots. 

You may get a bit lost when shopping, and spy things that you like, but never end up going with anything, or you wear once and then, done. So here are the best 3 styling tips for when you are shopping on a budget:

1. Think of at least 3 other things in your wardrobe you can wear the item with. 

2. Neutral tones make for great staple pieces that can transition between seasons without batting an eyelid. 

3. If you are unsure, don't. There is something causing hesitation in you for making that purchase. Trust your gut. Put it down babes. 

Wearing an outfit that makes you feel like you look great, makes you all the more likely to walk with that extra Queen Bey strutt on. Work it girl! 

What are your favourite tips for bargain hunting? 

L xx

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