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Are You A Repeat Outfit Offender?  x Salted Luxe

Are You A Repeat Outfit Offender? x Salted Luxe

"I can't wear that, I have worn it before." 

How many times have you said that line lady? Personally, I count 47,682 to date. 

Possibly scars from my childhood when I wore the same black floor length velvet dress my mum had made to my primary school disco, 6 times in a row. There were 2 a year.. Yup. #flawless

I am also constantly plagued with the fear of wasting a great outfit on a shitty day, a night out that doesn't eventuate, or a date night that turns to crap.

You sir, did not deserve all of this fabulousness! F***boy. 

Source: Pinterest

This is why it is key to have pieces that can be worn in different ways and with different pieces to shake things up and not feel basic AF.  

"Oh Lisa, nice to see you and the dress you have worn every weekend for the last 6 weeks.. You so pretty girl!" 

Enter, Salted Luxe. Local, Aussie, and a name that sounds like a dessert. Boom. 

Also happens to specialise in minimal luxe and classic fashion pieces that can be worn over and over while being easily mixed and matched. Kind of need to add that in don't I? 

When selecting additions to your wardrobe, think about how many other things can you wear this with, and if you can picture at least 3 other things, it's a keeper. For a girl on a budget, this is a great rule of thumb, and Edits By Elle is your go to platform to making smarter shopping choices. 

When I was asked to shoot with the Salted Luxe Director, I was so impressed by the range and how easily each pieces could easily be styled with EVERYTHING I OWN!! Go and check out this site for statement pieces that can be added to your collection that will be easily interchangeable.

Are you guilty of making irrational purchases and hoping for the best? We all are.  

** cough. 2 new pairs of black stilettos on their way to me now that are pretty much the same. Cough cough** 

Let me know, what was your last stupid purchase?  

L xx


Images: Ellie of Salted Luxe 

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