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Active Nation Day: The Day You Start Loving You!

Active Nation Day: The Day You Start Loving You!

Being encouraged to be active is something you will hear each and every day as a ‘must do’ for your physical health. It keeps you looking good, feeling good, moving well and age slower. Yeah we get it, abs are great, but so is chocolate, the couch and trackpants. 

But what about the impact that great physical health has for your mental health and your happiness? 

As someone who was paralysed with me inability to see any positives in myself, incorporating exercise into my lifestyle had a direct effect on my state of mind. All I knew was running, as it was something I competed in frequently as a child, so I pounded the pavement every day when I first started my fitness journey. I could barely run a kilometre at first without keeling over and holding my chest like a seasoned smoker about to lose a lung. That's right, everyone starts somewhere! 

As I grew stronger and more fit, I ran that little bit further each time, and then a bit faster, (and a little less loosing of vital internal organs), and started to achieve goals. In doing so, I  completely changed my outlook on what I was capable of, and my faith in my abilities and myself skyrocketed. And this mentality eventually spread to all other aspects of my life, because my state of mind changed. If I could run that extra kilometre, what's to say I couldn't apply for that promotion or pay rise? If I can box jump that bench when I thought I couldn't, why can't I push my boundaries in my career? If I can be positive about exercising, what's stopping me from being positive about my body? 

So this is exactly why I am inviting ALL OF YOU to take Active Nation Day as the chance to make your move! 

It’s free, it’s easy and you can take your support crew along with you or even hold an event of your own. Active Nation day is the chance to not only be taking a stand on the importance of physical wellbeing, but this Sunday could be the pivotal change in your life that you need to start feeling better about yourself inside and outside.  

I'll be at the Gasworks Brisbane event, come and say Hi!

What have you got to lose? Check it out, get involved, find your buddy or even come alone and be surrounded by women just like you and #makeyourmove towards a better, happier and more whole you!

Yes it's about being active, but in the long run, it's about so much more than that. It's about unleashing your potential and realising how much you are capable of. And you will thank yourself for it, I assure you.

L xx


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