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Natural Alternatives; How Do They Measure Up? The Tanning Edition

Natural Alternatives; How Do They Measure Up? The Tanning Edition

As an avid beauty product enthusiast, I have found an internal conflict that would be relative to most women living the clean lifestyle; "If I am monitoring the chemicals and toxins I ingest, shouldn't I be monitoring what I am applying topically? " After all, within 28 seconds of applying something to your skin, it is absorbed into your bloodstream. 

**Let's just pause for a moment to let that horror sink in.**

So this has brought me to a search that will resonate with many of you: Hunting down the natural alternatives. But how do they compare? 

I opt for the fake tan because Cancer has riddled my family and my colouring makes me very susceptible to burning, freckle development and skin pigmentation. So yes, I’m about that tan life, and I am not even sorry.

I have tried a couple of natural alternatives recently and have been pleasantly surprised at the results. Marinating in Bondi Sands every Thursday night has been my routine for a while now, but I was eager to see how the natural options measure up. I was skeptical, not going to lie.  

Most are gradual tans that develop over time rather than the ‘changing of ethnicities overnight’ sort that I know and love. Graduals are nice to also help top up your tan and to apply during the week to keep your tan looking fresh and in shape. No one likes being splotchy. I am yet to find a natural overnight type as of yet, but my hunt continues. 

The first I tried was the Moo Goo “How Now Brown Cow” gradual tan, and the first thing I noticed was how much I loved the smell. Rather than the poxy fake tan smell (which for some reason brings images of Paris Hilton into my head, not sure why), this has a beautiful vanilla fragrance that makes you smell like a milk shake.  

**My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard.** 

This is based on their super popular Udder cream, which is designed to assist skin conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema, so leaves your skin feeling super moisturised. It also gives a really nice natural tone to your skin that even my flat mate, whose skin is quite a bit darker than my pasty arse, really enjoyed! She is now addicted, but still calls it Moo Cow. Nailed it babes.

You can try this for yourself and get a 15% discount by using the code JONTHEHERD at the checkout.  

I have also tried the Uniorganics Forever Tan Gradual tanning moisturiser, which has Lemon Espen extract in it, giving it a really gentle citrus scent. This one is made up of 87% organic products, and the rest are all derived from natural sources. This one isn’t as thick as the Moo Goo (which again is based on quite an intensive moisturiser base) so it rubs in quite easily and feels really light on the skin. If you prefer less sweet smelling scents, than this one could be the one for you!

You can get a 15% discount on this brand by using the code INSTAOFFER at the checkout.  

In comparison to the Bondi Sands ‘Everyday’ gradual tan lotion, you definitely won’t get the same level of colour as fast from the natural alternatives. This one has a beautiful cocoa butter smell and glides on very easily without leaving you feeling greasy. If I am wanting faster results, than I tend to reach for this.



Please note guys, the two natural products were gifted to me by the brands however all my opinions are reflective of how I found the products. I wouldn’t promote something I didn’t actually enjoy.  

I’d love to hear what some of your favourite natural tanning alternatives are! Let me know in the comments what brands you like and don’t like.

L xx 


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