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What is Fitspiration To You? // Adore Me

What is Fitspiration To You? // Adore Me

Are you comfortable in your own skin? It's easier said than done, and looks different on everyone. Some days it fluctuates. 

Maybe it's being able to leave the house without make-up on and not feeling exposed, or being able to wear a bodycon dress without being conscious of your shape. For others, it may be being comfortable in a bikini. We have all struggled with these kind of fears, including me. That was until I found my addiction; Fitspiration. 

Adore Me (US lingerie club, lead by designer Helen Mears, former head of design for Victoria's Secret) reached out to tell me about their new Fitness range, and inspired me to write a blog post about Fitspiration, as they strive to help women feel happier and sexier about their bodies.  At first it made me think of people that inspired me, and maybe I should write a piece on workouts I follow and the foods that I love to eat. But health and fitness is so much deeper than that for me. It changed my outlook on my body and made me feel sexier no matter what I wore. I became my own Fitspiration.

We are all guilty of obsessing over the 'perfect' images we see saturating our instagram feeds, wishing we looked more perfect, thinner, thicker, curvy, tan, have abs, and all of these things would make us feel happy with the way we look. I realised as I went down the rabbithole, nothing I achieved was good enough, because I kept seeing finding something else that I needed to change, or someone new who had another attribute that I had to have to be happy with myself. And the spiral continued. 

Wearing:  Lorna Jane

Wearing: Lorna Jane

Although this played a part in fuelling my health and fitness journey, my motivation shifted paths as I started to discover how strong I was, how dedicated I was, and how much my drive to feel the best I could reflected on who I was as a person. The result was me becoming healthier, happier, feeling more confident than I have ever felt in my life, and more accepting of my flaws.

There is no way I could have done this shoot without having started my journey towards overall self confidence through health and fitness.  I still have off days, I am human, but I have grown so much from changing my mindset and my lifestyle.

Photography:  Studio Flamingo  

Photography: Studio Flamingo 

Kate Moss famously said "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".. Lady, have you tried Peanut Butter???!! I'll keep my belly pouch and the PB jar and spoon thank you.  

Fitspiration isn't just about how much you can lift, how far you can run, or the gap between your thighs. It's about feeling like you are the best version of yourself and learning about personality traits you didn't even realise that you had. Strength, courage, determination, and perseverance. This is what motivates me. That and super cute activewear.. Naturally! 

Who is your fitspiration and what motivates you to be fit and healthy? 

L xx






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