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Did you know that there are studies (although inconclusive) that show there is a potential link between Aluminium based Antiperspirants and the diagnosis rates of breast cancer? Although the individual chemical make up of these products have been tested against cosmetic safety guidelines, there is no research to show the effects of long term consistent use to be 'a-okay.' 

WHHHAATTTT????? As a pancake chested sister, I can't afford to do anything that could make me lose what I've got! 

I joke, but seriously, that's scary. So when MooGoo asked me to try out their natural alternative, I jumped at the chance. How does it differ? 

The Aluminium ions in antiperspirants are absorbed in the eccrine-gland ducts on the top layer of your skin, allowing water to pass in with them, causing the cells to swell and squeezing the ducts closed. Ergo, sweat can't get out. 

Your sweat is not what smells, it's the bacteria that develops on the skin in your under arm. (Under arm sounds so much nicer than armpit, blugh.) MooGoo's Cream deodorant contains Milk of Magnesia to control the bacteria that causes sweat to become smelly, and none of the nasty stuff or overdone fragrance. 

One down side, white marks. You need to leave it to dry, or 'rub' it in before putting your clothes on or this happens.. 

Also, I learned the hard way that you shouldn't put it on straight after Thursday marinating (tanning) or again, this may happen.. Not just streaks, actually roll on tan impressions. 

I have never been a super smelly person, but I was still a little nervous to try out a natural alternative. After the full 28 days, and some, I have to say I was pretty surprised with it being pretty effective. I carried it with me in my handbag just in case, mainly because I wasn't super confident that I wouldn't always feel fresh, but hardly ever found the need to reapply. 

I also found that when I sprayed on a chemical based brand after using this for over a month, it stung like shit! 

I'm a bit undecided to be honest, so I am going to keep going with it and see how I go in a month or so. One thing I love about the Moogoo brand, is that they are so genuine in their belief of natural products that they openly say if this product isn't right for you, try another one. Maybe this is an avenue that I can explore too. Pastes don't interest me though, that sounds messy and taxing. Nope. 

Have you tried Natural alternatives, and how did you find it? Did you turn into a smelly bitch, or were you feeling confident with your choice? 

Referencing information from Dermatologist Dr. Eric Hanson of the University of North Carolina's Department of Dermatology.

L xx

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