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Do You Need To Break Up With Your Fitspo?

Do You Need To Break Up With Your Fitspo?

In a world that is flooded with social media messages telling us how much more everyone else has, how we can be better, how we should be richer, prettier, skinnier, fitter, stronger, curvier, living more lavishly, it's no wonder that we get caught in the trap of constantly desiring MORE. 

"Once I get a flat stomach, I will be happy." 

"When I earn 100K a year, I'll be happy." 

"When I travel more, I'll be happy." 

"If I looked like her, I would be happy." 

"When I lose 10 Kilo's, I'll be happy." 

"When I have a bigger house, I'll be happy." 

But the thing with this constant desire of more, is it leaves you with a constant feeling of not being fulfilled. Why? Because when you reach what you are trying to attain, you see someone else with what we view as being better or more, and so continues the vortex of shit. 

We don't even know that we are doing it because the dopamine release we get when we use our phones tricks us into an addiction to this need for more, so we look at more and more images of beautiful babes, and the cycle continues. Fucked up right?? 

I remember sitting there one day looking at all these images on my phone that I saw as "Fitspiration" and realising that I was just putting myself in a state of despair as I compared myself to people who were not always real, who didn't have the same body shape, who were completely different to me, and yet I needed to be the same as them.

How was this even logical? 

I knew I had to make a change, so I unfollowed many of the Instagram accounts that were my Fitspo's to help remove the images I was seeing daily and comparing myself too. I stopped measuring myself and taking photos to compare how much I had toned up or weight I had lost. But the best thing I ever discovered, was gratitude. 

I started practicing gratitude everyday telling myself 3 things that I am grateful for about my life, about me and about my body. As I formed this routine, I watched my mindset change from this constant state of desire to be more, to having a level of appreciation for where I have come from. And that for me was HUGE!! 

As a perfectionist who constantly pushes themselves to do more, breaking up with my fitspo's was hard, but I benefited hugely from allowing myself the chance to grow more comfortable in my own skin. So maybe it's time to kick the fitspo's to the curb and learn to  be giving yourself those 'likes.' 


Find out more about how to grow your self confidence with Lifestyle Consultations that arm you with tools on developing your personal style, well-being and boosting your self confidence that is personalised to YOU. Email hello@editsbyelle.com for more information. 

L xx



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