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Time To Man Up Ladies

Time To Man Up Ladies

I am no stranger to purchasing from the men's section. It makes street style layering so much easier because naturally, it's slightly oversized. When you see all those girls in their "I actually stole this from my boyfriend" outfits and smug faces looking down on your single-dom, you can take pride in the fact that you know yours has been washed recently and isn't tainted with the underlying scent of BO. 

Whether it be an oversized a shirt, a chunky scarf, or sneakers, let's take a page out of 'his' book, and get a little androgynous. 


Here are my three tips for adding in some menswear to your wardrobe without looking homeless. 


Wear sneakers with your skirts or dresses. It instantly adds a street casual feel to your outfit to dress it down, while still looking super cute. Like my NMD's with this second hand white skirt I bought in Auckland. Perf!


Layer an oversized cardigan, shirt or knit under a leather jacket. Given, you will have some fiddling to do with getting the excess sleeve fabric into the jacket, but after some minor adjustments, you'll have the layered look down packed. You can't go wrong with slightly oversized styles.


Avoid 'his' pants. This can add bulk to your outfit, which can give the illusion of you being bigger than you are. Stick to the tops while you're still figuring this trend out, and pair with skinny jeans, shorts or skirts to show off your shapely legs. You want to look like you're wearing his clothing, not like you are him.

Don't be afraid to play around with menswear ladies.  From dress shirt to denim jacket, it's super easy to create interesting shapes in an outfit by wearing something that it slightly to big. Plus, it's comfy as shit, so win win right? 

L xx


 "Smashing bad ass financial goals" - Chronicles of Carly

"Smashing bad ass financial goals" - Chronicles of Carly

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