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Why Glassons is my Go-to, and why it should be yours too!

Why Glassons is my Go-to, and why it should be yours too!

There are some brands that you just love and always will for whatever reason. When all else fails, you turn back to this brand/s for outfit reassurance and wardrobe staples and end up leaving with 3 or 4 pieces extra because AMAZING!! Maybe they just nail it each season and you can never go past them. Or their jeans are the denim fuzz to your peach that perks it up like they were made just for YOU. Perhaps their bras give you that extra lift that makes you have a Shania Twain "I feel like a woman" moment. Or, maybe their logo is really cool and ya just like 'em. Either way, for me that old faithful is Glassons.

My love for Glassons started in New Zealand at the age of 12, visiting the Bay Fair store every weekend to see what new goods were in store, and try to portion out my saved pocket money to be able to afford even just one thing. I remember saving for that $59.95 for my first ever piece that I bought myself - A turquoise bomber jacket with removable hood and elasticated ribbed trimming. I loved it so much  It had SO many pockets... 

My love of Glassons has never left me thanks to their affordable fashion, on point buyers and making seasonal trends so accessible. Not to mention transcending across The Tasman with me. To this day, I still shop at Glassons and this summer have loved their Linen range, ribbed one-pieces, off the shoulder tops, denim shorts that aren't so cheeky you can see what you had for breakfast (I literally bought 3 pairs), and tie front tops. That's why I couldn't wait to wear ALL OF IT on my recent trip to Noosa! And for the record, this is not sponsored, I paid for all of this myself.

Black Denim Shorts: Slouchy Cheeky Shorts now $19.99

White Crop Tie front: Tie Front Blouse - Similar but not the same fabric

Denim Shorts: Slouchy Cheeky Short now $19.99

Black off shoulder top and Ribbed Oe piece not available online. 

Glassons never fails to bring out seasonal hits that don't cripple your bank account, and with so many boutiques and online stores coming and going, Glassons never fails to impress! Check out some of these pieces hitting the shelves soon that I spied: 

If you haven't already, go and hit up their Instagram feed and fill your hearts desire with style inspo!

Until next time thrifty lovers,

L xx


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