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When Your Unmotivated To Motivate Yourself To Find Motivation.. Well Fuck!

When Your Unmotivated To Motivate Yourself To Find Motivation.. Well Fuck!

There are days where the energy just flows: you look at your inbox with delight as you smash out tasks, your diary is organised, and you tick off things on your to do list, you enter the gym like Rocky into the ring, ready to smash your workout. 

And then there are days where putting pants on, answering the phone, having meetings or even responding to questions of any nature feels like an even bigger bane of your existence than paying tax. 

"I just can't be fucked. I have no motivation; how do I get motivated again?" - Said everyone, ever and one point of another. 

And the answer? Who knows! Often, you'll hear:

  • Give yourself some direction and you'll know where you're going!
  • Write down some goals so you feel positive when you achieve them. 
  • Take a break and come back to it with a fresh mind. 
  • Just get started! You won't find motivation, you create it!

And all of these are lovely in theory, but what do you do when you are sitting looking longingly at your phone, hoping you will become a millionaire who can travel the world without a care and live the life you have always dreamed of, but get stuck feeling hopeless because you don't know how to change where you are? And even if you can figure that chestnut out, it will take months or years! How do you keep putting one foot in front of the other when you struggle to put on your shoes? 

This is me today; struggling. Feeling overwhelmed by my desire to progress, grow, move forward and achieve, but no fucking idea of how I can do these things TODAY. 

I made my to do list and ticked things off as I went. 

I responded to emails and cleared out parts of my inbox.

I write out some goals to start giving me some direction and plans.

Hell, I even had some one on one time with the big boss which makes you really feel like you are learning, and for a short while, "MOTIVATION - LET'S DO THIS!".. and then, gone. 

**I literally had an "ah ha! moment as Oprah calls it" writing this next sentence.**

Motivation isn't something you find behind your couch, its not hiding from you. You create motivation based on your desire to achieve and when you have clear intentions set. Which writing out makes me realise that although I have an idea of where I want to go, my road to get there is very murky. My steps towards where I want to be aren't laid out for me to be able to know if my footing is in the right direction and no way to measure if I am on the way to my dream, or if I might as well have Toto under my arm travelling down the yellow brick road on the way to see the Wizard of Oz!

So really then, the answer to how do you find motivation, is by stopping and looking at why you feel so flat; what is the true cause of your shitty mindset? Be REALLY honest here because the bull shit is what got you here in the first place, and that honesty is the key to changing your attitude, actions or both to be able to find your motivation again. 

**Scuttles off to go find direction and set some goals** 

And if that doesn't work, here are a whole bunch of quotes that made me feel better, because Tumblr. 

L xx

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