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Winter Hair Repair with Nak

Winter Hair Repair with Nak

Winter takes a toll on our bodies in more ways than we realise. And for me, the cold just dries me out; skin, hair, lips.. motivation to get out of bed! So, I was stoked to have the team at Nak get me into the chair and work some magic on my mane which winter has graced me to have more hair on my floor than on my head.

The colouring wizard Kyanne (@kyalicious) helped take me to a white blonde which I have ALWAYS wanted, while nourishing my hair and giving me the best tips and products to keep my hair maintained during winter. She was also my personal therapist for 3 hours but that's another story. 

Treatments are your best friend. Hair can easily dry out, especially when using dye or bleach. I am now replacing my conditioner with the 60 Second Ultimate treatment to help replenish my hair. It's much more intensive than your traditional conditioner and makes my hair feel so soft.


I have also started adding in this little purple pocket rocket treatment called Colour Fix Blonde which is packaged like a Berocca system and lasts for 3 months when activated, and only requires a few drops to your conditioner and rinses out. This helps to smooth out the hair and adds to the nourishment which is exactly what you need when your hair is drying out.

To keep my hair away from that horrendous yellow tone we blondes are almost allergic to, I have been on the Ultimate Blonde toning shampoo band wagon (que the 1 litre bottle in my shower) that I use once or twice a week and leave in for a couple of minutes.

Post shower, I am using a mix of the Blonde Therapy treatment and the Structure Complex Bond Enhancer to add extra smoothness to my hair, and styling using the Luxe Finishing Cream to help with fly-aways.  If I am curling my hair or need extra texture, I am loving the Ultimate Potion styling treatment which is like The Surf Styler I can’t get enough of and helps build volume, which is a girls best friend. More volume the better I say! 

Plus, what would a lazy fit girl be without her Dry Klean Shampoo.. late or dirty is the answer here folks. 

If you have yet to set yourself up with a winter hair treatment plan, you have to get amongst the Nak range to help make keep your hair feeling soft, nourished and healthy despite the cold.

A huge thank you to Kyanne and Daryl from Nak for hooking a sister up and for their endless generosity!

Stay tuned for my winter skin care tips and the best products for combatting dry skin coming soon. 

L xx

Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

When Your Unmotivated To Motivate Yourself To Find Motivation.. Well Fuck!

When Your Unmotivated To Motivate Yourself To Find Motivation.. Well Fuck!