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Edits by Elle

Professional Editing & 
Proofreading Services.


Sometimes you want (or need) a second set of eyes. Sometimes you need to share brains to really brainstorm effectively. Sometimes working with someone else helps you find the words you need to best convey your ideas, goals, research findings, and more.

Working with an editor isn't a point of shame or deficiency - it's a choice to pursue growth, yours and that of your manuscript. 


Manuscript Revision
& Proofreading
Developmental Edits & Brainstorming
Book Proposal 
Guidance & Revisions



"Elle" is Laureen: Book editor by accident and book lover at heart. 


Really though she's loved books her whole life and only began editing them, or serving as editor for them, when she ran into the Akashic Books team at a library conference in the summer of 2013. From then on, the rest was history. After co-editing Memphis Noir with a stellar team (2015, Akashic Books), she has gone on to work with Rowman & Littlefield (on academic books), private clients (on dissertations and theses), and other authors engaged in short fiction/non-fiction, academic/scholarly, and book writing endeavors.

laureen p. cantwell.jpg
"Having worked with Laureen on two short story collections, I honestly would love an excuse to work with her again. She put in a level of editorial effort that could be sometimes frustrating to me as a writer (because it was my work and therefore perfect, right?), but yet her guidance was always correct and improved my work.

I appreciated that she did not attempt to tinker with the story I wanted to tell, and instead she helped me tell my story better. If you want to write your best, you need to work with the best, and for me, Laureen is the best."

                     -- SC, creative writer/novelist
"Laureen is an exceptional professional to work with. She is incredibly detail-oriented and knowledgeable as a copyeditor. She provides helpful feedback and suggestions that can elevate one’s manuscript to the highest level. Her services are well worth the investment.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Laureen and would only trust her to copyedit my dissertation."
                      -- JF, PhD student/dissertation
                                      client (health sciences)



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